Gift from Solo that You must to buy

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Solo city became a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists while on vacation. Solo city is famous as a city of culture because culture is still very well preserved, not faded despite the more modern era.

The distance covered to reach the city of Solo is 571 km from Jakarta. You can take a train, bus, private vehicles and the best if you want to Solo.

Gift from Solo that You must to buy

Not complete it if visiting Solo not buy souvenirs typical of Solo. Here is a typical gifts from Solo that you must buy if you come to Solo

  1. Ampyang

Solo Ampyang is typical snacks are made from brown sugar dough mixed with peanuts. Ampyang taste savory, sweet and delicious.

Ampyang can be found at the Center ita-by Khas Solo and also in Pasar Gede Solo. Typically, it costs Rp. 5000 per pack of 5-7 ampyang.

  1. Abon Mesran Solo

Abon Mesran Solo same as other shredded consisting of shredded beef or shredded chicken. What makes the difference is the distinctive flavor Shredded Mesran Solo, which tasted delicious menu is also typical.

Abon is usually sold Rp. 30,000 per packaging, and can be found on the street Kalilarangan. Abon is very tasty when consumed with the hot rice.

  1. Fried Sweet Peek

Fried Sweet Peek is typical snacks Solo similar rengginang. The basic ingredients are rice crust voyeur processed using sugar flavored sweet and savory. Fried Sweet Peek distinctive shape Solo usually round like a bowl.

  1. Surabi

Surabi is typical snacks Solo is definitely known by people in Indonesia. Pancake dough is refined rice flour mixed with grated coconut and coconut milk.

The taste of the pancake itself savory pancake and now has a different taste, there are chocolate, strawberry, jackfruit, coconut, and so forth. Unlike the old days where it feels only one kind of cheese is savory taste of coconut.

Almost every corner of the city of Solo are pancake merchant, sold between Rp. 2,000 to Rp, 10,000 depending on kinds of tastes.

  1. Kecik Ganep Bread

Kecik Ganep bread is bread that is processed using glutinous rice flour. Kecik Ganep bread taste is sweet and savory.  Kecik Ganep bread can last a long time so it is well suited to take home as gift.

Kecik Ganep bread oval shape like a finger. This bread is low in cholesterol so it is safe to be consumed frequently. Kecik Ganep bread  is very suitable to be consumed with warm tea while you are relaxing.

  1. Sausage Solo

Solo different sausages with sausage that is sold in supermarkets. Solo sausage is processed chicken or beef mixed with spices typical of Solo and in mix with carrots and potatoes and vegetables wrapped using omelet. Sausage solo at a glance like risol however, for his skin only use eggs that have been scrambled.

Solo sausage tastes delicious once fit in the mix with chili sauce.

Do not forget to buy souvenirs that are sold at the Centre gifts  in Solo if you are on vacation to Solo.

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